Reasoning Behind Heavy Metal being the Fastest Growing Genre in the World


According to the Alternative Press, New York based digital music distribution, Tunecore, has released the 2018 streaming and download numbers. They revealed that heavy metal was the fastest growing genre in world with a whopping 154 percent increase! Metal fans can rejoice and head bang! As exciting as it is for a metal fan like me to see such a report, one has to wonder why all of a sudden in 2018 and 19 are we seeing a spike in metal streaming?! I have a few ideas.

Heavy metal is the superior genre!

It’s about damn time!!! I have preached the name of metal for several years and the people are FINALLY listening! No other genre is worthy!!! SSLLLLAAAYYYEEERRRR!!!!!

Okay, I’m just being bias. Here are some REAL reasons for why metal is rocking the streaming platforms.

The world sucks and we need something to pick us up.

It’s no secret, we live in dark, cruel world. Turn on the news it makes you think things get worse and worse everyday. Here in the States, people are working an unholy amount of hours and are still broke. Anxiety and depression plague society. The government sucks, not that it has ever been great in our lifetime. People seem to get more arrogant and foolish everyday. With all that being said, in some places it’s even worse.

So what takes the edge off when we face our everyday obstacles? Heavy music with the message we need to hear. There’s something about blasting your favorite tracks or albums that just makes everything better. Music has always been that way. But what makes metal standout from the other genres is the connection between the musicians and fans. The music created helps remind the fans that people have faced or are facing similar daily struggles in your life, and that you will always be bigger than your problems. You won’t get that message from pop hits on the radio. Metal speaks out against the world’s poor standards and traditions. It helps put us in the mindset to keep pressing forward.

Younger generation is tired of being told what to do.

To be clear, I ‘m not talking about teenage rebellion. Stick it to the old people, man!!!! No, hear me out on this. My generation was shown more advertising and product placement than any generation in history. The generation after mine will be shown even more. In some ways it is not a bad thing, but in other ways American corporations have used advertising to brainwash and manipulate youth to help gain profit.

According to the media platforms they’re exposed to, in order to be accepted you have to think a certain way, buy certain products, and create an image that is fitting for the peers around you. Basically, you do all this to try to be accepted by a world that doesn’t care about you anyway, and now they have your money which is all they ever wanted. On top of that you’re really not thinking for yourself. In that case are you really you?

I have reason to believe that the majority of the streamers are from ages 13 to 37, since they grew up with the technology. Imagine if you will, a junior high student that has been surrounded by all this commercialism and peer pressure, and they’re looking for an escape from it all. Honestly, depending on the type of person they are there are many different options they may approach to fill their need. But would I be too crazy to suggest that many of these teenagers may have stumbled upon some brutal music that changed their world? A type of music that was against the ways of the world and telling their listener to be themselves. There is a chance that the digital age has helped us introduce heavy metal to the younger generation. If so, that’s a huge win.


People craving REAL music.

I’m not saying anything outside metal is not real music. But let’s be honest, how much real musicianship and effort is being put into the popular music these days? Let’s reflect back to 1990’s rap and pop music. If you play some songs from that era and listen carefully you can point out all the instrumentation that is going on in the tracks. You can hear guitar, bass, saxophone, drums, some had drum machines, tambourines, ect. Were there quality lyrics? Rarely, but mostly lazy and shitty. I can at least admit that the producers at that time were trying to keep it interesting for the fans.

I can’t pin point the exact time, but somewhere in the late 2000’s some big wigs in the music industry figured out the music didn’t need to be that complicated to sell. A new wave of rap and pop artists came out, and their writers wrote less lyrics and producers had the same beat placed on every track. You say I’m over exaggerating and getting older, but I literally can’t tell the difference between one hit and the next! It’s literally same drum beat! And auto tune for the lazy kids that can’t sing!

At some point, people started getting bored hearing that water down bullshit on the radio. So with their streaming subscription they researched something else. Now that something else could be blues, jazz, latin, or maybe even polka. But no doubt in my mind there were some individuals that found the mystic tales of Iron Maiden fascinating. Maybe they heard the shredding progressions of Animals as Leaders as cool new discovery. There are many possibilities here. Bottom line, people like music and the direction that popular music is going is completely trash. Not sorry. That only entertains drunks on the dance floor. As long as people are looking, metal will find its way in some lucky fans heart.


Terrestrial radio is rotting.

Back in the day, radio was the way you find new music. People tuned in everyday to hear their favorite disc jockeys play their favorite tunes, listen to interviews, and even get some comedy during the time slot. It was a simpler time. Then one day it went down hill. The United States government recognized in the 1990’s that the population was much larger than the baby boomer generation. Not only that, many of them enjoyed rebellious rock ‘n roll. They would listen to bands such as Rage Against the Machine that warned them about corruption in congress. The government feared for an uprising and they knew how powerful music is, so they took action. Terrestrial radio started pushing pretty, pink bubblegum pop music down on the ears of their listeners. It was encouraged to the youth at the time that this was the cool and acceptable music. Call me conspiracy theorists if you want, but I encourage you to look it up. Music radio shows started loosing quality. It was the same hits over and over again. There were rock stations, but if they didn’t sell out to another format then they were stuck in the classic era.

Today, many stations are switching to just talk shows because it’s what keeps the listeners tuned in. CBS and iHeart Radio have both filed for bankruptcy. Your car radio is just not the place to find music anymore. A nice podcast or internet station can fill that void. I found this that plays heavy metal. You should probably check it out.

For those that don’t want to take the time looking for online radio or podcasts, I believe they start using streaming services to fill the void. They can listen to any song or album that they wish at the palm of their hand or on the office computer. There might not be a goofy disc jockey but you have more music and it’s uncensored!

Streaming services are opening doors for artists.

If you are old enough to remember, discovering new music took more money and effort than it does today. Outside the radio, if you wanted to find new bands to listen to you read the monthly metal magazines, you bought albums at the record store that you were willing to take a chance on (mostly for their album art), some of your peers made recommendations, or you saw the band perform on stage with other bands you enjoy. If you were a new band, you had to bust your ass to get any kind of attention from your local scene.

Thanks to social media and streaming services, finding new music is easier than it’s ever been. New bands can interact more with the public for their shows and music. Yes, the whole streaming royalties are complete bullshit, but to have it available anywhere in the world is a plus. I do believe the sudden rise in heavy metal streaming has something to do with band discovery. Metal fans are always looking for new music. When they’re bored they can crack open a beer and research new bands to check out. When they do find something that meets their satisfaction, they share it on social media for fellow headbangers to also enjoy. In the end, YOU CAN’T KILL THE METAL!

Seth Lipocky has a heavy metal internet radio show on Sunday nights called Sunday Bloody Sunday. It airs from 8 to 11 PM EST on

Cleveland Browns 2019 Draft Recap


For the very first time I decided to write a recap following my Cleveland Browns mock draft. We’ll take a look and see how John Dorsey improved the roster. But first let’s look back on my predictions and preferences.

Players I thought the Browns would draft in the first 4 rounds:

DT Dre’mont Jones, Ohio State (Broncos, Rnd 3, Pick 8)

CB Justin Layne, Michigan State (Steelers, Rnd 3, Pick 20)

G Beau Benzschawel, Wisconsin (undrafted, signed with Lions)

For starters, my bold prediction of the Browns trading Duke Johnson and their 3rd round pick to Eagles for their 2nd rounder did not happen. Surprisingly, Browns didn’t trade Johnson at all, and Coach Kitchens expects him at training camp this summer. Not a loss for Cleveland since Johnson is a great weapon to have in the backfield. Both players I thought Cleveland would pick in the 2nd round slipped to the third round. Broncos blossom their defensive line with Jones from THE Ohio State University. One prediction I had was right. If the Browns didn’t pick Layne, the Steelers were going to scoop him up. Not a fan of that. Layne could be valuable in Pittsburgh. I was surprised Benzschawel wasn’t drafted at all. Thought for sure he was a solid Day 3 selection. Browns did not draft o-line until the 6th round with OT Drew Forbes.

Players I wanted the Browns to draft in the first 4 rounds:

LB Mack Wilson, Alabama (Browns, Rnd 5, Pick 17)

CB JoeJuan Williams, Vanderbilt (Patriots, Rnd 2, Pick 13)

T Isaiah Prince, Ohio State (Dolphins, Rnd 6, Pick 30)

Browns grabbed my dude Wilson but not until the 5th round. Bill Belichick saw the potential with Williams and traded up to grab him. I’m calling it, Williams will be a multi Pro Bowler with New England. Prince fell to the near bottom of the 6th round when Miami decided to grab him. A solid pick for the Dolphins that late in the draft.

Day 3 players I encouraged the Browns to consider:

QB Will Grier, West Virginia (Panthers, Rnd 3, Pick 37)

RB Bennie Snell, Kentucky (Steelers, Rnd 4, Pick 20)

DE Joe Jackson, Miami (Cowboys, Rnd 5, Pick 27)

DT Khalen Saunders, Western Illinois (Chiefs, Rnd 3, Pick 21)

EDGE Jalen Jelks, Oregon (Cowboys, Rnd 7, Pick 27)

S Jaquan Johnson, Miami (Bills, Rnd 6, Pick 8)

Panthers got a solid back up picking Grier with their conditional 3rd round pick. It should give Carolina some good insurance for the next few years. God forbid something happens to Newton. I was NOT HAPPY to see Snell go to Pittsburgh. I have preached about his potential since mid-season. To see a player of his caliber go to the rival hurts. Snell went higher than I expected. One thing the Cowboys do well is find defensive gems in the draft and develop them. They continued to do that this past weekend drafting both Jackson and Jelks. They went with power and speed with those picks which will only improve their defensive game in due time. Saunders was picked much earlier than I anticipated, and to a team that will be a major threat to the Browns in the AFC. Chiefs get a potential major weapon next to Frank Clark on that defensive line. Browns did not draft Jaquan Johnson, but did draft his former teammate Sheldrick Redwine. Bills obtained a valuable pick with Johnson in the 6th round. He may not start out of the gate, but I see him making the roster.

Cleveland Browns 2019 Draft Picks:

CB Greedy Williams, LSU (Rnd 2, Pick 14)

I am still shocked Williams slipped this far in the draft. I thought for sure he was going to be picked in the 1st round. Not only that, their were a few cornerbacks taken before him in the 2nd round. Dorsey had to make the aggressive move and trade up a few spots to get their guy. Browns needed to get a long term plan opposite of Denzel Ward. Williams has speed and athletic ability to start in the NFL. He was one of if not the best cornerback in this draft with man coverage. One of the reasons he may have slipped was because of his lack of playing time in college. He did start his sophomore and junior season, but sat out the bowl game for the draft. I think some teams felt they needed to see more before they were sold on him, but I’m just speculating. THEIR LOSS! Browns picked a potential star on the defensive side of the ball. We know fellow LSU Tigers Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry approve.

Pick Grade: A

LB Sione Takitaki, BYU (Rnd 3, Pick 17)

This was an interesting pick right here. Takitaki started his college career on a bad note. Getting in fights, missing practice, and stealing from campus almost ruined his football career. He then settled down with a good woman and left the game for a season to focus on academics. When he returned, his reputation was completely changed and the team made him captain his senior season. He led the Cougars in 2018 with 118 tackles (9 for a loss and 3 sacks). Takitaki has great burst of energy and tackling ability. Something the Browns have struggled with defensively for the past few seasons. However, his lack of speed and use of space in the game need to be recognized. Many scouts saw him as a 7th round pick or an undrafted free agent. There were some that suggested his skills being more valuable on special teams. I trust John Dorsey and I’m rooting for this kid. But in a few years will the team be looking back on this pick and wish they went with someone else? Only time will tell.

Pick Grade: C

S Sheldrick Redwine, Miami (Rnd 4, Pick 17)

I previously mentioned that I really dug Redwine’s former teammate Jaquan Johnson. However, I can’t argue with the Browns here. Redwine was a safer pick that helps add depth in that defensive backfield. He mostly played safety, but also played well at corner for the Hurricanes. That gives the Browns an option to move him around if needed. He has good size, ball awareness, and power to hit receivers. Coaches will work on his ability to close out on receivers and playing with his back to the ball. All in all, a solid pick for Cleveland.

Pick Grade: B

LB Mack Wilson, Alabama (Rnd 5, Pick 17)

It was odd watching Wilson fall to the 5th round, and I thought for sure one of the Browns rivals would snag him. But as luck would have it, the good guys picked him with their first 5th round pick. Freddie Kitchens is a big fan and seized the opportunity to make him a Brown. Many analysts had him as a late 1st round to a mid 2nd round pick. I honestly don’t know what went down in Nashville, but the Browns may have potentially drafted their future starting linebacker with this pick. Wilson is great with the blitz and in coverage. He would fit perfectly in the middle with their 4-3 scheme. I’m going to be biased and say this was the Browns 2nd best pick in the draft next to Greedy Williams.

Pick Grade: A

K Austin Seibert, Oklahoma (Rnd 5, Pick 32)

Browns did something I didn’t think they would do, but I’m glad they did. DRAFTED A KICKER!!! Not just a kicker, but handled Oklahoma’s kickoffs, punts, and placekicker duties during his sophomore season. He’s the whole special teams package! With Oklahoma being the offensive power house they were during his tenure there, he really didn’t get many chances to kick from distance. His longest field goal was 56 in his senior season. Most of his misses were due to bad ball placement. Four out of eight of the Browns losses last season came from 4 points or less. We won’t know until the fall if Seibert works out or not, but Browns needed some options outside of Greg Joseph. We’re still hurting after letting Phil Dawson (who is currently a free agent) go six years ago.

Pick Grade: B

OT Drew Forbes, Southeast Missouri State (Rnd 6, Pick 17)

Browns finally pick an offensive linemen late in the draft. Forbes played left tackle for the Red Hawks. He has been praised for toughness and athletic ability. There is a chance he will be more valuable in the pros at guard than tackle. Forbes will be a project for sure, but if he can continue to bring that determination and toughness to Cleveland, we may see him help protect Baker one day.

Pick Grade: C

CB Donnie Lewis, Tulane (Rnd 7, Pick 7)

If Lewis makes the team in September, it will most likely be on the practice squad. He was great at getting to the ball, but struggled constantly keeping up with receivers. Lewis gave up a high number of touchdowns his whole collegiate career. Browns may use him more on special teams if anything.

Pick Grade: C-

Draft Pros:
Browns entered the draft with lack of depth at linebacker and defensive back. No more! Greedy Williams could potentially start Week 1, but will have competition with Terrance Mitchell and T.J. Carrie. Christian Kirksey, Joe Schobert, and Genard Avery are most likely the starting linebackers as of right now, but that could change with Takitaki and Wilson in the mix. The preseason will decide if Austin Seibert will be part of the Browns 2019 plans. It is vitally important to have a consistent starting kicker on the team. Overall, Dorsey added important building blocks to help continue to mold the team into a winner.

Draft Cons:

There is still plenty of time to address other roster needs either in undrafted free agency and in preseason cuts. I wasn’t concerned that a quarterback was not picked this past weekend, but they need to find a solid backup for Baker. Anything could happen and it is best to be prepared. I was surprised an offensive lineman wasn’t taken until the 6th round. Dorsey did add a few in free agency, but with Zeitler no longer on the team and Austin Corbett’s status unknown, that leaves some concern for the right guard position. Not drafting a defensive linemen was interesting. The starting defensive line is stacked, but it lacks depth on both the sides and interior. There is no for sure replacement for Emmanuel Ogbah at the moment. Hopefully 2018 3rd round pick Chad Thomas can come in and be valuable asset after spending all last season on the practice squad. Anthony Zettel is another option that could fill the void. Only time will tell if Trevon Conley will be able to be a reliable back up to the defensive tackles.

Even though some positions were not addressed during the draft, it’s better to go with talent you believe in as a front office than reach and take a major risk. The Cleveland Browns had a top ten draft if not a top five in the league. Personally, I don’t like to say it but I’m just being honest, I think they were second ranked in the division with Pissburgh having a slightly better draft. That team just east of Cleveland drafted more players that will be able to make an immediate impact sooner than later. But my opinion could change with time just like everyone else. All in all, it was another successful draft from John Dorsey and his crew.

Draft Grade: B+

Cleveland Browns 2019 Four Round Mock Draft. Predictions and Preferences.


Last draft, something weird happened. The Browns picked a quarterback with the first overall pick for the first time since Tim Couch in 1999. But it got even weirder. They made the right pick. That’s right. Their 30th different starting quarterback since 1999 was answer they’ve been looking for. He helped win them more games than they’ve won the previous 3 seasons.

It got even weirder. They selected a Pro Bowler with their 4th overall pick in Ohio State cornerback Denzel Ward. Fans were divided between these two picks, but at season’s end they were every fan’s answered prayer. The rest of the draft Dorsey selected key role players and building blocks, including starting running back Nick Chubb.

Mid-season, it got weird. After consistent drama and questionable game management, front office made the move. Head coach Hue Jackson AND offensive coordinator Todd Haley were axed. Defensive coordinator Greg Williams took over and running backs coach Freddie Kitchens was in control of the offense. Then things got really weird. The Cleveland Browns starting WINNING! They were in the playoff picture until week 16.

It continued to get weird. Browns recognized the job interim offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens did, and felt it was fitting to offer him the head coaching position. The Browns actually offered the head coaching job to a man who was trained under some of the best coaches in the collegiate and professional level. Not only that, he was the only coach in the offseason that didn’t have issues filling his staff. While other teams struggled to fill their staff needs and missed out on other assistant coaches, most of the new Browns staff left a good position to work for Kitchens. Why?! Maybe the Browns have finally found THE guy. An actual football guy that knows how to win and build a team. They lacked that in the front office until Dorsey was hired. Now we’ll see if they found the guy that will be on the sidelines and will have impact the Cleveland Browns culture needs.

And then . . . . . it got even weirder. NFL free agency begins and the Browns made a trade that turned the league upside down. Browns landed superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. In a matter of a year, the view of the Cleveland Browns has changed. They went from zero wins laughing stock to the team that could dethrone Tom Brady from his reign of domination. It does get a little bit more weird. After all the noise the Browns made in March, NFL scheduled four primetime games in their schedule. For once, Cleveland is the center of attention in the National Football League.

Draft day is here! The Browns continue their quest to build a winner. For the first time since 2008, they do not have a 1st round pick. I know John Dorsey has mentioned the possibility of trading back in the 1st round, but with limited assets I don’t see it happening. My first prediction is that the Browns start their draft on day 2 with the 49th pick. Here is what I think the Cleveland Browns will do and here’s what I prefer they do. Let’s hope things stay weird.

Key Additions: WR Odell Beckham Jr., DE Oliver Vernon, RB Kareem Hunt, DT Sheldon Richardson, OL Eric Kush, OL Bryan Witzmann, S Eric Murray, and S Morgan Burnett.

Key Departures: QB Tyrod Taylor, OG Kevin Zeitler, DE Emmanuel Ogbah, LB Jamie Collins, CB EJ Gaines, and S Jabrill Peppers.

Round 2 Pick 49

Browns select DT Dre’Mont Jones, Ohio State

I don’t want to do this but I need to squash some Browns fans fantasies. No the Browns aren’t getting Jeffery Simmons. Yes, Dorsey likes to give players a second chance, but with Simmons talent you really think he slips to the second round?! Nope! He’ll be taken earlier than most analysts think. Same thing with Greedy Williams. He will be taken in the 1st round as well.

Dorsey has mentioned that defense is a high priority in this draft. He also hinted at drafting more Ohio State players. The defense line right now is Garrett, Ogunjobi, Richardson, and Vernon. Sheldon Richardson signing will make a big impact for the Browns this year and maybe the following year. You want to add some solid depth to that defensive line. Jones had a standout season with the Buckeyes with 50 tackles, 13 for a loss, and 8.5 sacks. On top that, he’s a Cleveland kid!!! Dorsey adds a big building block with this pick.

Seth picks LB Mack Wilson, Alabama

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for adding depth as much as the next guy. But in the 2nd round I’m looking at team needs and need to ask myself, “Do we have a player here that fits one of our needs and can potentially start right away?”. Browns linebacker group is solid but could use another productive player. Genard Avery has potential to be an everyday player in the league. Joe Schobert is an important player on the defense but had a rough season last year. Many speculating if he is better moving back on the outside. Christian Kirksey is a team leader but one more bad injury could cost him a spot on the roster.

Wilson would cover all of the Browns needs in the middle linebacker position. The kid can blitz and is above average in coverage. He led the Tide with 4 interceptions his sophomore year, in which he was not a starter. Wilson ended his 2018 season with 71 tackles, 5 for a loss, 2 interceptions, and 5 deflections. He has all the tools to help the Browns defense be a force in the league.


2nd Round, Pick 57 (from Eagles)

Browns select CB Justin Layne, Michigan State

It will be the local sports story of the week. Browns select two Cleveland kids in the second round. Dorsey hasn’t added any cornerback depth this offseason. Ward, Mitchell, and Currie are expected to be on top of the depth cart. It is important for Cleveland to add a cornerback early in the draft and develop a long term plan opposite of Ward. They trade Duke Johnson’s whole contract and their 3rd round pick to land their next selection.

Layne is great in man coverage and has one of the highest football IQ’s in the class. Scouts believe he needs to add more strength and improve his defense against the run. Watching some of his highlights there were times he reminded me of Denzel Ward. He is good at sticking to the receivers like glue and batting down the pass like Ward. Browns go all defense on Day 2.

Seth selects CB JoeJuan Williams, Vanderbilt

I’m not against going with Layne here with this pick, but I really dig the potential of Williams. A 6’4 defensive back that has a great balance of speed, strength, and size. He had 61 tackles, 4 interceptions, and 14 pass break ups this past season. He can go up against any receiver in the league. It will be a shame we’ll never see him take on Gronk. The coaching staff will have to help Williams improve many fundamentals to his game, but over time he could the Browns number 2 starting cornerback.

Round 4, Pick 119

Browns select G Beau Benzschawel, Wisconsin

Now that the Browns have a true starting quarterback, they need to protect him. Most of the offensive line from last year will be returning. Front office needs to find a permanent replacement for Kevin Zeitler who was traded to the Giants. Last year’s second round pick Austin Corbett is an option along with the few linemen Dorsey signed in March.

Browns select Benzschawel here to help beef up the line. He also looks like an offensive lineman Dorsey would pick. Yes, I know that’s not a real argument but look back at the linemen he’s drafted over the years. He has a unique taste in them. Let’s hope Joe Thomas helps this kid develop. From one Badger to another.

Seth selects OT Isaiah Prince, Ohio State

It’s my turn to pick a Buckeye. Chris Hubbard and Greg Robinson did a solid job protecting Baker last season. I’m honestly not sure what’s left in the tank for either one. Prince could develop into a reliable starter. Good size and a healthy football career. Low risk, high reward situation.


Normally when I do these mocks the Brown have 4 to 6 selections. With most of their picks in the later rounds, I decided to make a list of players and positions they should consider with their Day 3 picks.

QB Will Grier, West Virginia

Browns need a solid backup plan for Baker. I don’t see Drew Stanton making the roster on week 1, and there is a possibility they won’t find their No.2 quarterback until after the preseason cuts. It wouldn’t hurt to pick a quarterback late in the draft and give yourself another option.

Grier had a successful 2018 campaign throwing 37 touchdowns, 3,846 passing yards, and completing 67% of passes attempted. There are many analysts that believe he could be taken as high as the 2nd round to a team that missed out on a quarterback in the 1st round. However, many pro scouts disagree. They see him as a potential career backup and he could be available from the 4th to 6th round. I like the kid because of his accuracy, vision, and quick decision making. His arm is average but can always improve. Grier was also the leader of the locker room for the Mountaineers, and teammates expressed how much they enjoyed playing with him.

Whether Grier is available or not in the later rounds, it would be a good idea to invest in a young prospect signal caller. Even if they spend the whole 2019 season on the practice squad.

RB Bennie Snell Jr., Kentucky

Nick Chubb will enter the season as the starting running back for Cleveland. Kareem Hunt is suspended until week 9. Duke Johnson wants to be traded, and as you see above, I think he does during the draft. This means the team needs a solid backup plan until Hunt can make his Browns debut.

There are a number of backs that could be fitting this draft, but I’m going to be bias here. I’m a huge fan of Snell and what he can do on the field. He was my 2nd overall pick on my fantasy college team, and I learned to be a fan of Snell in no time. His game has a great balance of finesse and power. He can move with the best of them and plows defenders to the ground better than many backs his size. Snell holds the all-time rushing record for the Wildcats. Early mock drafts had him taken in the 2nd round, but now he’s not expected to be taken until Day 3. He would make a fine addition in Cleveland.

DE Joe Jackson, Miami

Browns on paper have one of if not the best defensive line in the league. They traded Emmanuel Ogbah a month ago and it is up in the air whether Chad Thomas is ready to make the gameday roster. Browns need to add more depth to that beast defensive line. So what about a former teammate of Thomas? Jackson led the Hurricanes with 9 sacks last season. He had 47 tackles and 14.5 for a loss. There are many aspects of Jackson’s game that need coached up. However, scouts rave about his strength. He has above average power that will give many offensive linemen headaches. The new Browns defensive coaching staff would love working with him.

DT Khalen Saunders, Western Illinois

They called him the Aaron Donald of the FCS for a reason. He was a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks. Saunders season included 57 tackles, 12 for a loss, led the team with 7.5 sacks, and had 3 pass breakups. What catches scouts attention is his above average break after the snap. The kid was even a red zone fullback option and even caught a touchdown pass last season. Quick, big, and athletic. Taking a chance on him will be similar to when the Browns to a chance on Ogunjobi. A big stud from a lower division school. I say, why not?

EDGE Jalen Jelks, Oregon

Browns need more pass rushers. Jelks will need to get bigger and coached up on some of his techniques, but he would good investment. He has speed to get to the passer and disrupt every play. Last season he had 57 tackles, 7.5 for a loss, and 3.5 sacks. His junior season he recorded 59 tackles, 15 for a loss, and 6.5 sacks. Pressure is his game and he’s good at it! It would be a quality Day 3 pick for Cleveland.

S Jaquan Jackson, Miami

Browns added Eric Murray and Morgan Burnett to join Damarious Randall on the safety squad. It wouldn’t hurt to add another. Jackson was the voice of the Hurricanes. Their hype man. He led the team with 92 tackles including missing 2 games. He also had 2 interceptions and forced 2 fumbles. Scouts are concerned with his lack of size but his hustle and power can not be denied. He would be a fine addition to the dime and nickel packages.


I know it’s slim picking in the later rounds when it comes to o-linemen. But the more beef, the better. Team needs to protect Baker at all times.


Why not take a chance on a kicker in the 7th round? George Joseph may not be a long term plan so give him some competition.